What is?

For a network to be truly decentralized, it is of utmost importance that users have full autonomy over their funds. This includes the option of anonymity. Void Protocol gives users control over financial anonymity, as an opt-in financial privacy service. By depositing fixed amounts into the contract, waiting, then withdrawing to a brand-new wallet, funds will be untraceable back to the original wallet.



Users deposit funds into the Anonymity Pools, receiving a secret phrase. This phrase needs to be kept safe as it enables the withdrawing of these funds.


The funds are stored in a smart contract, where many users will deposit and withdraw funds, making it impossible to trace which funds belong to who.


Whilst the funds are in the smart contract, Void will ensure that this capital remains productive. The strategies implemented will be decided by the Void DAO.


Once users have waited a sufficient time for their funds to anonymise, they can withdraw to a nominated wallet – breaking the on-chain link between the deposit and withdrawal wallet.


Since privacy is not the default on the majority of blockchains, the rapidly-expanding world of Defi must have privacy solutions for those who decide to opt-in to financial privacy. Void Protocol’s main focus will always be to provide this solution and to ensure that every step is taken to offer maximum privacy to the user.
One drawback of the anonymity pool approach is that in order to achieve reliable anonymity, you must wait some time for other deposits and withdrawals to occur after your deposit has entered the pool. This means users opting for privacy may have to wait weeks or even months depending on TVL (Total Value Locked), a key focus of the protocol is to ensure capital in the pool remains productive while this process occurs.
We firmly believe in the future of decentralization; it offers many advantages to the future and longevity of Void Protocol. It also empowers the users of the protocol to take part and have a say. This also means all steps will be taken where possible to take the decentralized approach, including open source and full DAO implementation.
The entire Cosmos ecosystem is full of brilliant people building amazing projects, all with like-minded goals of growing crypto adoption and use. Through the IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol), the number of accessible projects in the Cosmos is growing rapidly. It's easy to see the value of what is growing and Void Protocol plans to make it as easy as possible for integration and collaboration.
Total supply: 100,000,000

33.5% Protocol Rewards

33.5m, 0% on TGE

Linear over 72 months

10% Genesis Airdrop

10m, 33.33% on TGE

Gamified release - min over 3 months

9% Gov Fund/Treasury

9m, 55.55% on TGE

Linear over 72 months

7% Gov DAO Stakers

7m, 0% on TGE

Linear over 72 months

3% Liquidity

3m, 100% on TGE

15% Public Sale/Pools

15m, 25% on TGE

Linear over 6 months

5% Early Funding

5m, 0% on TGE

Linear over 12 months

15% Team

15m, 0% on TGE

Quarterly over 36 months

2.5% Strategic Round

2.5m, 0% on TGE

6 month cliff, Linear over 12 months

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